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What is SURVIVE!Attacks ?

SURVIVE!Attacks is an art project initiated by SURVIVE!Garage. Artists – who don’t need to be implicitly be directly involved in SURVIVE!Garage – are invited to join this collaboration project. SURVIVE!Attacks is mostly a response to certain issues in form of art. By that it is not only about the art itself but includes working with data, speakers and doing research about certain topics. The artworks of the participating artists are  single entity in the same theme.

At the second year of this project SURVIVE! cooperated with FCAC (Footscray Community Arts Centre) in Melbourne, Australia. This collaboration was run under the name “The Container Art Project”, in which container were the gallery. 17 artists of different backgrounds got involved in the project which theme was “Refugees”.

See more about SURVIVE!Attack and “The Container Art Project” Collaboration with Melbourne in here: