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‎stop motion @ survive! garage by Sébastien Szczyrk

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“UN ESCARGOT VIDE?” exhibition by Sébastien Szczyrk
Sunday 31 oktober 2010
music Performance by Mardi Robot

Sébastien Szczyrk comes from the North Eastern part of France. After his studies at the School of Fine Arts in Mulhouse, he graduated from the Beaux-Arts in Paris in 2005.

His work is a multi-disciplinary one and goes from his visual researches (drawings, illustrations, performances…) to his sound experimentations (CD, concerts, installations…).

Sébastien Szczyrk is currently working on a project entitled “Un Escargot Vide ?” (An empty snail?) and has for ambition to direct an animation movie mixing his visual and sound centers of interests.




Mixed Media Drawing

In his graphical work, Sébastien employs a lot of different technics and supports such as collage, chinese inks, color pencils, color pens, markers, poska, akryl painting and even coffee …

Drawing and collage, for the artist, are some kinds of games. They allows us perceive our environment differently and to fight against loneliness.

In his graphical work, Sébastien always emphasizes on spontaneity and re-interpretation of daily happenings.

Each drawing is a research of his personal resentment and become a part, «a square» of his memories.

During his exhibitions, he tries to compose an art-space in order to create a kind of « senario of memories » to the audience.

He usally works on papers but he’s also interrested in street-art and has realised some wall-paintings.

Recently he has started to introduce computer-created images and intergrate them into his works by applying traditional technics onto printed drawings

His works have been exhibited in Paris; Tokyo, Kyoto, Berlin, Yogyakata and Denpasar.


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