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Woodcut Workshop with Art and Culture Students 2018 from SUNY

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Date: 13|01|2018     |     Time: 3.30 WIB     |     Venue: SURVIVE!Garage

On Saturday, 13th January 2018, Art and Social Movements 2018 students from SUNY (the State University of New York) joined SURVIVE! and VIA Indonesia for a woodcut workshop. After a brief introduction into SURVIVE!’s values and art space they got introduced into woodcutting.

Every participant got the tools (such as paper, pens, wood and cutting utensils) to begin their very own woodcutting experience. The art of woodcutting is not only having an image in mind which will carved on the wood later on but also that the image itself is supposed to be drawn back-to-front. This is especially important if one wishes to print written words, as otherwise the final product would be mirror-inverted. With this in mind the students started drawing their first sketches on paper and copied those onto the wood, continued by cutting them and printing on paper and shirts.

After the cutting process the wood got painted on with black ink to print a sample on paper. By that the student could see if the image comes out clean enough to be continued on a t-shirt. After that the woodcut art got painted with ink once again and then placed on the t-shirt, covered in newspaper to prevent a mess. While putting pressure on the image by slowly stepping on it the printing process has been performed. Finally the tshirts were left to dry and taken home.


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Pameran proyek visual
Danney Agus Junerto dan Deni Rahman

Pameran yang juga melibatkan A Sudjud Dartanto sebagai penulis ini, merupakan proyek visual yang mencoba untuk mengeksplorasi lambang-lambang budaya tradisional dan modern. Yang dieksplor oleh Dani adalah lambang-lambang budaya dari khazanah budaya Jawa, sementara Deni memilih irisan budaya modern. Deni dan Dani memiliki kesamaan latar belakang pendidikan formal, yaitu seni grafis ISI Yogyakarta.

Pameran akan dibuka
Hari : Minggu, 13 Mei 2012
Pukul : 19.30- selesai
Tempat : Survive Garage
Jl.Bugisan Selatan
Tirto Nirmolo, Kasihan-Bantul
Hiburan : Jammin’ Acoustic & K2K lovers

Pameran akan berlangsung hingga 3 Juni 2012

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interlocation project #1

Inter Local Project, Strengthen Inter-nation Independence Working Artists


About 40 works of art exhibited in the genre of street art event Inter Location Project Survive on the Road Garage on Bugisan Tirtonirmolo, Poor, Bantul, Yogyakarta by five artists young adherents of the genre of art street art from Melbourne (Australia) and Yogyakarta (Indonesia).


Bayu Widodo street in front of the work means “Time Is Not Mine”

Five artists are Bayu Widodo, Rolly LoveHateLove, El Kampreto from Yogyakarta and two female artists, Claire Mintcakes and Snotrag from Melbourne. They present
art forms of street art genre with various materials such as paper, wood, t-shirts, flags, cardboard, paper, cloth, metal, customized goods, etc.

Celebrating the differences through the medium of “art is a pleasure” through a culture of tolerance
(See Collaboration Yogyakarta Artists Street Art of Melbourne In the Inter-Local Project, Jogjanews.com, 17 / 7).
That’s what these artists do is fifth in Survive Garage.

Bayu Widodo, owner of Garage Survive ILP not explain any theme because the ILP is
media to communicate and share the different experiences among the artists who participated this project.

“The pictures they are funny, the pictures with individual creativity, there is the cigarette paper etc.
complement each other, “said Bayu. He explained ILP was made possible because of technological assistance email
and photo sites on the Internet that is run by artists of two countries.


A visitor looking at the works of street art collaborative artists in Yogyakarta and Melbourne Australia Survive Garage which also became an alternative gallery owners, Bayu Widodo.

“We contact each other emails, look at flickr. Earlier I met them and work together, “said Bayu
tells little residency program in Australia some time ago.

Five artists who exhibited together is to use different media to present the works of street art they. Bayu Widodo own drawing paper as a canvas displaying works that are shaped head but still the spirit of anger expression.

Time Is Not Mine

Work Bayu Widodo is titled “Time Is Not Mine”. The title was written on four heads that seem to shout. He also brings great nohtah red and green. There is another form of works such as the head of Bayu Widodo in his work entitled “Do not Look At Me Look At Your Face.”

The work of street art shaped Rolly LoveHateLove Logos characters typical of a Rolly.

Meanwhile Snotrag among others present in several Aboriginal figure drawing canvas cardboard. El Kampretto showcase the work of strange characters in the street among other wooden canvas, titled “Never Die”.

Mintcakes exhibit drawing on paper drawing on her personal life. As in the work of drawing titled “My Dream 2 Weeks Ago” which describes his dream of a map of Australia in radar observations.

Mintcakes also showcased the work of drawing on her ancestors who left many historic relics such as a building lot in the title of “Brunswick Melbourne” as well as anti-smoking health campaigns about the work of “Do not Light Them”. Claire’s work drawing mintcakes Mintcakes “Bruinswick Melbourne” and “Do not Light Them”

While Rolly LoveHateLove exhibit characters which he used to street art of painting in tembpk-high wall on the outskirts of Yogyakarta city street. This time Rolly brings the characters that he calls “logos” that the bark was carried out together with rope.

All five of these artists also perform together in the process of painting the walls and walls of houses Survive Garage Bayu Widodo other. Street art works of Indonesian and Australian artists are on one side of the world’s imagination by presenting each of which is very exciting to be enjoyed.

But the independence of working like this is a big capital to grow bigger in the future for them these artists. Moreover, with a world like this indefinitely. They certainly will be able to do many things.

Kolaborasi perupa Street Art Yogyakarta-Melbourne Dalam Inter Location Project


Bertempat di Survive Garage Jln Bugisan 11 Tirtonirmolo, Kasihan, Bantul Yogyakarta, akan hadir beberapa street art artis muda seperti Claire Mintcakes, Snotrag, Bayu Widodo, LoveHateLove serta El Kampreto.

ILP adalah usaha untuk mempertemukan kesadaran tentang adanya kepemilikan budaya dan sejarah seni yang berbeda antara Australia dan Indonesia namun kedua komunitas ini tetap dalam ikatan sosial karena seni menyelamatkan, mempersatukan dan menyenangkan semua pihak.

Acara ini juga menunjukan persahabatan antar perupa serta bagaimana mereka berinteraksi satu sama lain dengan lingkungannya. Pengalaman memahami “liyan” menjadi penting. Perhelatan kecil ini menunjukkan perjumpaan identitas antar masing-masing perupa dan bagaimana berinteraksi dengannya.

Bagi Claire dan Snotrag, kolaborasi ini menyampaikan pengalaman hidup mereka di “rumah baru” bernama Yogyakarta. Sebaliknya, seniman Jogya mengalami kembali “rumah baru” yang dialaminya. Inter Location Project merupakan ruang yang mempertemukan individu dan komunitas.

Merayakan perbedaan melalui medium “seni sebagai kesenangan” melalui budaya toleransi. Peristiwa ini menjadi tahap-tahap awal yang penting untuk membentuk komunitas kemanusiaan. Para seniman dua negara ini akan menampilkan mural kolaboratif berupa karya cetak, gambar, instalasi bendera, T Shirt, desain baju, serta diwarnai pula performance Hip Hop dari LoveHateLove dan kawan-kawan.